How do I have a form with less than 10 Fields?

Currently there is a restriction on forms that require exactly 10 fields.  What if you don't want 10 fields you want to include?  There is a work around for this by creating a blank field.  

Step 1: Create a new text field as shown below.  Select the Manage Fields menu item.  Then click the "Select" button next to the Text field type.



Step 2: In the Add Field section create a new text field that has blank text.  

a) Give it a name such as "Blank Text" as shown in the example

b) Leave the Display Name Blank

c) Check the "Use display name" box so that it will use the blank display name

d) Uncheck the "Is required" Checkbox so that it can be left blank and not required text entry on the notification


Step 3: Now when you create a new form simply use the "Blank Text" Field in any location you want left blank.


Step 4: When you fill out the notification just leave the text entry box blank.  When the notification is sent there will be no text displayed in the area of the above instructions were followed.

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