Release Version 1.9.0


It has not been that long since our last release, but it is that time again that we are announcing the latest release of our flagship software is available today!  Version 1.9.0 is now available and we’ve added some great new features.  

This release includes:

  • Support for Microsoft Teams.  Now you can add your Teams channels to get status notifications.
  • Customize the "From" email of all of your email notifications.
  • Group and Org emails now support multiple email entries.
  • Timelines can now be filtered by a time frame to make it easier to see what has happened recently.

Microsoft Teams Support

There are now even more ways to notify your users with the introduction of Microsoft Teams Support. This is a great way to make sure all of the notifications are seen even more.


Custom From Emails

There is now support for custom "From" email addresses instead of from our default email.  Just configure it in the Account Settings.  For enhanced delivery we recommend you follow our directions to CNAME the domain to our email provider for proper validation by recipients.


Multiple Emails in Groups and Orgs

There is now support for entering multiple emails in the Add a Groups and Organization email fields.  We hope this simplifies your configuration for email distribution lists.



Timeline History Selectable Filter

To enhanced the speed of timelines and allow a user to only see the most recent changes they can set the history on a timeframe to view instead of viewing everything.  For example show the history for the past 1,7,30,60,90, or 180 days.



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