How to add a Microsoft Teams Channel

On the left hand menu under Administration select "Manage Channels".  Then select the "Add Channel" button on the right side.


Select the Teams option from the list.  At this point a new entry is created in the channel lists.


Please open the teams application to continue setting up the Connector/Webhook on the teams application that Constant Status can use to send messages to Teams. 

You many add a new Teams Channel or use an existing channel.  To create a new channel open the slack application and use the add Channels button as shown.  A channel can also be made online as needed.


After you have a channel you want to use with Microsoft teams select the (...) next to the channel name and then select "Connectors" as shown in the graphic.


This presents a list of different connectors.  you want to select "Incoming Webhook" from the list:



You can now give the Webhook a name such as "ConstantStatus".  You can then upload and image associated with the Incoming Webhook. Here is a constant status logo if you which to use it to upload an image.  Just do a right click and save as from this page.



Scrolling down to the bottom you can hit the Create button to Create the connector.


Continuing on, Scrolling down on the screen presents a URL.  Select the Copy button to copy the URL to the clipboard.  You will need to insert this into the Teams Channel Information for Constant Status.



Going back to the Constant Status application and insert the URL into the "Webhook URL (from the Microsoft Teams Connector Settings).  Note: Given a recent change by Microsoft the API has changed.  You now have to preface your copied URL from Microsoft with "".  This is also shown in the example dialog below.


Configure a Message Timezone that will be used for all messages sent to this Teams channel.


At this point you can hit the "Test Integration" button to send a test message to teams to make sure it works. 



If the message is received you can select Save to save the settings.  Here is an example Teams Notification


You can now include this new Teams channel in any Notification.  You can also setup multiple Teams channels for different notifications as needed.






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