Release Version 1.8.0

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our flagship software is available today!  Version 1.8.0 is now available and we’ve added some great new features.  

This release includes:

  • Status filtering of Manage Notifications List.
  • Now Managing Users is even easier.  This includes Bulk Import of users using a CSV to update existing users or add new users.
  • Check out our new page to learn more what Constant Status can do for you.

New Status Filtering

Enabling the new "Hide Completed Notifications" feature on the managed notifications page will filter the list and only show the active notifications.  This is a great way to make sure all of the notifications are closed ore resolved or to quickly see what needs a notice sent out.



Advanced User Management

  • Bulk user import.  For users on the Lighthouse plan you can down import users with a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file and quickly add New Users, New Groups, New Organizations, and New Tags.  Quickly setup your account or add new users in a single import.
  • View what users are in groups and orgs now in the Managed Users tab.


We have also updated our GDPR compliance.  You may see a new banner at the bottom of the page, but you can close it and never see it again.  The Terms of Service, Cookie Usage, and Privacy Policy is updated and available for review.



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