What are Reminders?

Reminders have been added to Constant Status in the 1.5 release!

Reminders are a helpful tool to notify you when a notification needs to be sent out. You can start by creating a reminder profile, naming it and giving it a description. Once that has been created you're able to set reminders for specific times based on the Start or End Times sent out or a predefined internal. A recommended reminder configuration is to send out notifications is at least 24 hours in advance of the start time, 10 minutes before the start time, at the start time, 10 minutes before the end time if it is going to take longer or whenever you know, and lastly when the release is completed. (See this article on best practices), All you need to do is save a notification and a reminder will be sent based on when you set the state, and relative start or end time period in relation to the notification.


The bot then sends a message that looks like this with the text that was provided along with a link to the notice that needs updating:

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