How to add the ConstantStatus Slackbot to your Slack account

In our 1.5 release we add the ability for you to add the ConstantStatus Slackbot to your Slack account, so that your team can receive reminders to ensure they are sending notification status updates.  Our bot is your virtual CIO.  

Here's how you add the bot to your Slack account:

Creating the ConstantStatus Slackbot

  1. Create the bot in Slack  (
    • We recommend setting the username of the bot to: 'constantstatusbot'
  2. Select "Add bot integration"
  3. Copy your token as you will need to add it to your Account settings in ConstantStatus
  4. Utilize the ConstantStatus logo attachment and upload it in the "Customize Icon" section
  5. Optionally, add a description in the "What this bot does" section
  6. Select "Save Integration"
  7. Your ConstantStatus Slackbot configuration is complete, now move on to configuring ConstantStatus

Configuring ConstantStatus

  1. Login to ConstantStatus 
  2. Access Administration --> Manage Account in the left sidebar navigation menu
  3. Paste the token copied from Slack into the field labelled "Constant Status Bot API Token (for Slack)"
  4. Save
  5. Your ConstantStatus Slackbot has been fully configured.  Now go create some reminders in ConstantStatus!

Example Reminder

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