Release Version 1.5.0

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our flagship software is available today!  Version 1.5.0 is now available and we’ve added some great new features that enable you to continue to keep your customers informed during outages.

This release includes:

  • Text to speech support via phone channels.  For those special customers that want to receive phone calls for an outage or deployment.
  • Reminders via the ConstantStatus Slackbot.  Team reminders can now be sent via our ConstantStatus Slackbot which ensures your team is automatically reminded to send out the next notification.
  • Configure timezones for Slack channels.  Each Slack channel can now be configured with it's own timezone setting instead of the default UTC timezone setting.

Text to speech support via `Phone Channels`

Things have just gone to the next level.  For customers that prefer to receive a phone call, simply create a phone channel, configure your messaging, and then add it to your notification recipient list.  When you send the notification any users in the recipient list (including those in groups or organizations) that have a phone number in their profile and that have opted in to receive phone calls, will receive a phone call from ConstantStatus.  


Add a phone channel

Configure your phone channel messaging

Ensure users accept phone calls


Reminders via the ConstantStatus Slackbot

Frustrated when your team doesn't send a notice out on time or forgets to send out an update?  Us too.  Now you can create "reminders" and our trusty ConstantStatus Slackbot will contact the user that created the notification via Slack and remind them to send our their next update.  Here are a few of the "reminder" features we're releasing:

  • Configure reminders for a preset time before or after the start or end times set in notifications
  • Reminder intervals can be configured so that your team is pinged on a regular basis while a notification is in a particular state
  • The reminder messages contain a link to quickly get them back to the notification to send their update

Create and configure your reminder

Sample reminder message

Configure timezones for Slack channels


Now you can configure timezones specific to Slack channels.






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