How to create a Constant Status Sparkbot and acquire an access token

This article explains how to create a Constant Status Sparkbot and acquire an access token which can then be used to publish messages from Constant Status in to Spark rooms.

Creating a Constant Status Sparkbot

  1. Access this page in your Cisco Spark account
  2. Click the "Create Bot" button
  3. Enter values in the following fields:
    • Display Name
      • We recommend using 'ConstantStatus'
    • Bot Username
      • We recommend using 'constantstatus-<your subdomain>', where <your subdomain> should be replaced with the subdomain that you use in Constant Status.  For example, if your subdomain is, then you would populate this field with 'constantstatus-mysubdomain'.  This is required because bot names are required to be unique.
    • Icon
      • We recommend using
  4. Click the 'Add Bot' button
  5. After the bot has been created you will see a screen like this
  6. Copy the Access token
  7. Save the Changes
  8. Access your ConstantStatus account
  9. Navigate to Administration -> Manage Account
  10. Paste the access token value in to the 'Constant Status Bot API Token (for Spark)' field as in the image below and then save the settings
  11. Your ConstantStatus spark bot is now configured to send messages in to Spark rooms.
  12. Add the bot to whichever room(s) you want ConstantStatus notifications to appear.  The name may need to be the full name added as constantstatus-<subdomain>
  13. When configuring a Spark channel the rooms in which the bot is present will appear in the drop down list.  If no rooms appear than the bot has probably not been added to a room in the Spark configuration of step 12.
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