What are the differences in user roles?

Users are assigned an individual role that carry with them a set of capabilities that each is able to perform when it comes to sending out a notification.

The capabilities of each role are shown in the table below along with the menu options available to each role. 


Account Owner Admin Author
Account Owners have full rights. Being an account owner is unique in that they have the ability to manage billing and the account's subscription. Admin, next to an account owner, has all functionality except for billing access. Author's are able to create and manage each form as well as manage fields. They are unable to send forms, so they must be made an approver or sender to send out notifications.



Approver  Sender Subscriber
Approver only has the option to manage notifications in order to utilize the preview option and approve that the notification being sent is acceptable. It isn't limited to just preview as they can also send out notifications. Sender only has the ability to send notifications. Senders are not allowed to modify the forms and if the account setting is configured to only send to users preconfigured on the form, they can send the notifications to as well. Subscribers are users that only have access to the dashboard in order to see the the status timeline. For timelines that are private a subscriber account is required. Note all other roles have the ability to be a subscriber.
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