How can I send a SMS Text Message to a user for a notice or a SMS link in a notice?

While it is in the roadmap of sending SMS text messages in Constant Status you can send a user a notice by using email support today.  This is done by sending an email to the phone number which gets converted to text messages by the wireless carrier.  As an example if the phone number is 8005551212, then for AT&T users the email field would be with below showing the format for most providers:


If you want to add a link in a Constant Status message (inside an email) to SMS text someone just use a Multi Line text field and insert a link.  In the Link field insert "" as an example as shown in the figure.  When a user clicks this it will open a new email with the to" line prepopulated with the sms email already and they can simply put in a message and send it.

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