How do I add a phone channel?

Phone channels are now a current feature in Constant Status!

In order to be able to utilize calls when sending out a notification, you must create a phone channel from the Manage Channels option. Click on the add channel button and a pop up will appear. 

Once this pop up appears Select the Phone option.


A new entry will be created in the channel lists. It includes default values for the automated message that will be spoken over the phone, except for the status and status detail which will be added when creating the notification. This settings allow the selection of how many times the message will play back and can create their own message if they so please.


In order for a user to receive a phone call the accept phone broadcast option must be selected on each user and their phone number must be inputted.


On the notifications page you must add the phone channel that was created in the recipients field in addition to the users you would like to have called with the automated message. While sending the message, if the users have the box checked to receive a call for each notification then when the notification is sent they will receive a phone call with an automated message.

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