Release Version 1.2.0

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our flagship software is available today! Version 1.2.0 is available for usage and we’ve added some great new features that we think you’ll enjoy using and that will make Constant Status easier to use.


Your end users have multiple avenues in which to receive information (Email, Slack, Twitter, Text, Voice, etc.) and our goal is to ensure you have the flexibility to notify them however they choose to be notified as quickly as possible.  To that end, as part of this release we have introduced the concept of 'broadcast channels', including immediate support for Slack channels, and Email channels.  We plan on rapidly iterating on adding new channels and releasing a new one with every monthly release.

Our Slack Channels utilize Slack webhook URLs and are extremely powerful for teams wanting to leverage sending Constant Status notifications to their teams that are already on Slack.  Simply create a new Webhook URL in Slack, add that webhook url and Slack channel name to your Slack channel configuration in Constant Status, and you're up and running.  Now every time you send a notification your Slack users will receive Constant Status notifications. 

Email Channels are are an easy way for you to group email notification recipients in to a common list and then reuse that list across multiple notifications.  Instead of having to add the same users, groups, and organizations to multiple notifications, now you can create (for example) a common "Deployment Notice" email channel and add those recipients to that email channel.  Then whenever you want to send a deployment-related notification you simply need to add the "Deployment Notice" email channel to the notification.

Channels are extremely powerful because you can also add multiple channel types to a single notification.  Using our "Deployment Notice" example, not only can you add one or more Email Channels to a notification, but you can also add one or more Slack Channels to the same notification.  This gives you the ability to broadcast your notifications to multiple channels at the same time.

In summary, Channels are going to reduce duplication and make Constant Status that much easier and faster to use!


Update/Update and Send

We've heard you!  Our users have been raising concerns about our 'Update' and 'Update and Send' functionality so to reduce confusion on what each of those means we have collapsed them in to a single action.  Now you have a single button and still have control over when a notification is saved or sent to your users.  Further anything just saved will no longer be made visible on the timeline to others or be part of future email notices.

Hide in Timeline

We've also enhanced our "Hide in Timeline" functionality so that any entry that is hidden on the timeline is also hidden from future email notices in addition to removing them from the notification timeline.


Improved Email Template

We've updated the 'Bamboo' email template to utilize a new coloring scheme and layout.


Releases can always be found on the Constant Status timeline at


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