How to add a Slack Channel?

On the left hand menu under Administration select "Manage Channels".  Then select the "Add Channel" button on the right side.



Select the Slack option from the list.  At this point a new entry is created in the channel lists.


You many add a new channel in Slack or use an existing channel.  To create a new channel open the slack application and use the add Channels button as shown.  A channel can also be made online as needed.


Set the Channel Characteristics and enter a name.

Go to and go to the Custom Integrations, Incoming Webhooks section. Then Add a Configuration. 




 The Added Configuration is done by selecting the newly created channel above or an existing Channel.


Then Copy the associated Webhook URL as shown below.



Enter this information in the Constant Status Channel Configuration Dialog for Slack:



Example Test Integration Message that will be shown on the Slack Channel.

Example Constant Status Notification in Slack


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