How do users view my status page?

The status page can be viewed by users that are not logged in. Users may go to:  http://<company name>  For example

The timeline shows a history of past notices and can be selected for each timeline of the individual notifications to see the individual updates.


The timeline is configured in the "Manage Channels" off the main menu. By adding a "Timeline" channel.

  • The timeline channel can be assigned a name, description, and tags.
  • It can be configured to have specific criteria to display only a subset of notifications that may have a particular word, for a particular environment or whatever you wish.

It is important that if you desire the status page to be visible by everyone that you set the page access level to "Public".  The other option is you can also use protected and everyone with the special URL can access that page as well.


 In the Manage Account section, there is also a setting to set which timeline you want to be the main time that is displayed under "http://<company name>". All other timelines are available under "http://<company name><timeline name>".  Simply select the timeline from the dropdown of the timeline channel you previously created.




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