What are roles?

When a new user is created there is a set of roles that can be selected and assigned for a given user. Users should be given rights based on what functions they need to perform and therefore multiple rights should be given to users.

  • Account Owner - controls the billing information and has full rights
  • Admin - Has full rights but does not have access to the billing information
  • Author - and Author can create fields and forms
  • Approver - In some cases you may want to have an approver review a notification before it is sent out.  The approvers can be notified and approve forms before they are sent.  (This feature will be available in a later release)
  • Sender - Has rights to send notifications based on forms that have been created by authors
  • Subscriber - Can receive notifications 



If only the subscriber role is selected the option is given to skip sending the invite to the user.  

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