What are forms?

A form is created to be used as a template to create future notifications with. A user drags fields on to a form and can save it off for later selection.  Forms can have public fields which are sent in emails and private fields which can be used internally to store additional information.



Step1: Add a Form and select an available template which has a color scheme behind it.


Step 2: Add Fields to your form by dragging and dropping the fields.  Field are available on the list on the right.  Additional fields can be added through the Manage fields menu option.



Step 3: Fill in default values for Fields.  Default values are then pre-populated in notifications to save time and for consistency in messaging and wording of notices.



Step 4: Add Private Fields.  Private Fields are fields that are not sent as part of the notification to the end user but can be used for internal tracking purposes for holding data or information about the particular deployment or incident.









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