What are fields?

Fields can be placed on forms to allow a user to enter information.  When accounts are created there is a set of pre-populated fields that can be used, customized, or removed. There are some system fields that can not be deleted.  



There are various types of fields:

  • Drop-down list - Allows a preset set of items to be placed in a drop down list for selection
  • Text - Capture a single line of text
  • Multi-line text - Capture larger amounts of text, typically spanning multiple lines
  • Numeric - Capture a numeric value
  • Decimal - Capture a decimal value
  • Checkbox - A single selection option
  • Date - Calendar control and select date and time




 Fields can be added and edited.  A field has a name that is used to reference it.  A field also has a Display Name that is used as the name that is displayed on forms.  For fields when a Display name should not be displayed on the form the checkbox can be used to "Use Display Name" but left blank.



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