Release Version 1.7.0

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our flagship software is available today! Version 1.7.0 is now available, and we’ve added some great new features that also help reach our global customers.

This release includes:

  • Notification attachments
  • Account-wide custom date formatting

Notification Attachments

We have released the support for Notification Attachments.

Attachments can be added to notifications at any time via a simple drag and drop interface. Alternatively, the user can also click the attachment area to open a file browser that allows the user to select the files to attach. There are not limitations to the number of files that can be attached. However, the current limitations include not allowing the attachment of unsafe files (i.e., executables) and a 20MB total file size limit.  The notification preview also shows you attachments that will be included in the email that is sent.

Additionally, to avoid the issue of large file download waits for your customers, the attachments are automatically added as links within the emails. This allows the attachments to be reused and resent at any time.

Configurable Date Formats

This has been a highly requested feature from some of our customers.  Within the 'Manage Account' settings, a user can configure the desired date format that will be used across the entire account.  Various options exist based on global standards, and all Constant Status pages including timelines and notifications with email, Slack, and Spark all follow the selected format.  

The default format continues to be MM/DD/YY, but for users primarily outside of North America, changing the date format is now a simple account setting.


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